Domestic Cutting

Expansion cutting

In 1985 the building codes determined that all new homes would be built with expansion joints to allow for the dramatic changes in the Australian climate and landfall. Eg, droughts and land movement.

Older homes were not built with expansion cuts. Expansion cutting in older homes will help stabilise the movement in the brickwork. This technique prevents cracking in unwanted areas of your house, eg, windows, doors and openings.

Horizontal Hole Drilling

For air conditioning units, exhaust fans, air vents


Is your garage too dark? Add a window. Or does it need another opening? We can cut the opening to fit standard windows or doors.

We cut concrete and brick walls, for windows, doorways, air conditioning units, meter boxes, etc.

Concrete Removal

Do you have a concrete slab that needs to be removed? We can cut your unwanted concrete in blocks small enough to be hand lifted or in sizes easily managed by a bobcat. We can organise the removal of your concrete as well.

Planter holes in concrete pavement

Alternatively, we can drill holes into existing concrete areas to create a decorative low maintenance border for plants or shrubs.

Concrete cutting saw